History of eLibrary

The Pradyumna Bal Memorial National eLibrary is established by the Pradyumna Bal Memorial Trust in 2012. The eLibrary aims to advance free, progressive, scientific and secular education by providing free access to eBooks, eJournals and eReports to the readers, researchers, students in particular and public in general.


The PBMN elibrary is dedicated to delivering the best available eResources and innovative services and provide excellent environment to the successful learning, teaching and research in the country. The elibrary is committed to ‘e-learning’, combining the best of traditions of higher learning with high quality electronic resources and services. The Library works closely with other charitable and educational trusts to make free and accessible infrastructure to expand knowledge. We welcome your feedback and please feel free to suggest what more we can do to enhance your quest for knowledge and support your academic endeavours.


This is an exciting time of hope as science and information technology advances the horizon of our knowledge. We have strategic plan to focus on expansion of our state of art facilities. We strive to provide excellent collections and services amidst the extraordinary changes of the information age. We will continue to expand with your help and welcome your support.

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