Pradyumna Bal: The Beacon of Progressive Journalism and Education in India

Pradyumna Bal as a journalist did not consider ‘information’ as a powerful commodity which can be transformed into business of mass production for gratifying profit, power and personal gain. He used his pen and skills as the founding editor of the Pragativadi to humanise society, democratise power politics and create conditions for progressive consciousness. His focus was to use information as a tool to make the powerful accountable to the people. He fought against all forms of social evils; be it caste, gender, class, religious and regional discriminations or blind beliefs. Impartial and independent reporting was his massage to the fellow journalists. His courage, commitment and contributions are unparallel in the history of Indian journalism.


As a parliamentarian, politics was a tool of progressive and secular thoughts for social change for him. Silence in the middle of any crisis was not his character; he lent his voice to the voiceless. His name stands for freedom, democracy and egalitarian values. He practiced them in every step of his personal, public and professional life. The dignity of impeccable integrity defines his personality. Generations will come and generation will go but no one can replace the void created by the absence of Pradyumna Bal. His name will dazzle and dazzle as a luminous star in the social and political landscape of the country.


Pradyumna Bal died as he lived without knowing his own legacies as a philosopher among journalists and journalist among philosophers, a fighter who fought relentlessly for the rights of marginalised, reminding the ruling elites about the miseries of forgotten masses. Emancipation from all forms of bandages was his motto. Knowledge and information was his weapon. His commitment to free, progressive and scientific education is the foundation of this elibrary. It will be a largest palace of eBooks representing his spirit, ideals, visions and legacies of a thinker who lived for others. There is nothing which can represent Pradyumna Bal better than establishing a temple of knowledge; elibrary in an age of information.

Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences Pragativadi, Daily Odia News Paper KIIT University