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Prior, Michael 1999, Zionism and the State of Israel, Routledge,London and New York
This study of the Zionist conquest and settlement in Palestine pays particular attention to biblical, theological and moral considerations. The theme of ‘laland’ was neglected in Western biblical scholarship prior to the State of Israel’s conquest of the Occupied Territories in 1967, and subsequent biblical research was stimulated by that event. However, as Walter Brueggemann has noted in his Foreword to W.Eugene March’s study, while the scholastic community has provided ‘rich and suggestive studies on the “land theme” in the Bible they characteristically stop before they get to the hard part, contemporary issues of land in the Holy Land’ (March 1994: vii). I am confident that readers will acquit me of that charge. The subject-matter demands that the discussion engage with several disciplines. The modern proliferation of academic disciplines has ensured that few deal with any subject in a way which respects its complexity, with the result that each element functions in isolation from the others and reflects only a portion of the fuller picture. Moreover, the specialization of scholarship intimidates outsiders, and even the most versatile scholars scarcely ever move beyond the limits of their own discipline. There is a tendency to escape into specialization, and evade the responsibility of engagement with the wider world, with the excuse that even critical moral questions must be left to the specialists.
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