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Chesnut, R. Andrew 2003, Competitive Spirits: Latin America’s New Religious Economy, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS,New York
Latin America’s religious revolution continues to radically transform the spiritual economy of the most Catholic region in the world. In my previous study of the Pentecostal boom in Brazil, I argued that Charismatic Protestantism is remaking the socioreligious landscape of Latin America. Since the proliferation of Pentecostalism among the popular classes of Ibero-America was my exclusive focus, I was unable to capture the full magnitude of the religious revolution. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, Pentecostalism continues at the vanguard of Latin America’s religious revolution, but now it is supported by a corps of Charismatic believers that has played less visible but nonetheless pivotal roles in the historic transformation of the religious economy of the region. Thus, while Pentecostal churches, such as the Assemblies of God (AD) and the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (IURD), continue to be the main architects of the new religious landscape, a new generation of non-Pentecostal spiritual entrepreneurs has emerged to join in the demolition of the edifice of religious monopoly and to begin construction of the myriad temples of religious pluralism.
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