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Some apology may seem due on offering at this season so unwarlike a study as what here follows on the case of Imperial Germany and its place in modern civilisation. The essay was projected before the current war came on, though the complexion of subsequent events has also doubtless had its effect o# the particular direction taken by the argument at more than one point in the inquiry. The inquiry in hand, therefore, is cbncernedlieither with the controverted merits of the international quarrel nor with the comparative force and probable success of either belligerent. Its aim is the lesspolemical one of a comparison and correlation between the German case on the one hand and the English-speaking peoples on the other hand, considered as two distinct and somewhat divergent lines of the cultural development in modern times 3 and the ground on which the inquiry runs is that afforded by the economic, chiefly the industrial, circumstancesthat have shaped the outcome in either case. It aims to account for Germany's industrial advance and high efficiency by natural causes, without drawing on the logic of manifest destiny, Providential nepotism, national genius, and the like. It is believed to be the first attempt yet made at an explanation, as distinct from description or eulogy, of this episode in modern economic history; unless Professor Sombart's Deutsche Volkswirtschajt im XIX,
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