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, SUBRATA K. MITRA V. B. SINGH 2009, When Rebels Become Stakeholders, SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd,New Delhi
India has achieved a social revolution within the span of the six decades following Independence. During this relatively short time, the country has witnessed tumultuous changes in social hierarchy, literacy, relation of gender and power, urbanisation and most importantly, in political participation of marginal social groups. The Indian story, affecting one-fi fth of mankind, is a major contribution to the history of democracy and social change of the twentieth century. It is an important political phenomenon in its own right. But it deserves serious scholarly attention for a second reason as well. In contrast to the liberal democratic states of Europe where social change had preceded democratisation, India has experienced democracy and social change concurrently. This simultaneous rather than sequential occurrence of social and democratic change makes the Indian case particularly interesting for the comparative politics of democracy and social change.
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