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Jones, Kent 2004, Who's Afraid of the WTO ?, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS,New York
As a result of recent antiglobalization protests, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has come into the public spotlight and become the subject of intense and highly emotional debate. At the same time, the public discussion of international trade and the trading system has too often proceeded on the basis of sound bites, flickering images of street protesters, and superficial and uninformed commentary. This volume attempts to rectify the situation by providing an analysis of the most contentious issues surrounding the debate over globalization and the WTO in light of that institution’s role in the world economy. Until recently, the analysis of WTO issues was largely an academic undertaking focused on technical issues, the province of legal and economic scholars in both the writing and the reading of the literature. The emergence of the WTO as the subject of public debate has given rise to the need for a discussion of the basic background and activities of the institution that is accessible to the informed layperson, as well as those with interests in business and political aspects of trade policy. Gaining a detailed understanding of the WTO is indeed a formidable task, requiring extensive knowledge of international law, political economy, and negotiating practices. Yet its basic motivating principle is simple: to establish a global framework for governments to negotiate for the gains from trade. This is the simple institutional fact that serves as the foundation for any informed discussion of the global trading system.
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