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Abdullah, Silmi 2009, WHOSE EDUCATION? WHOSE NATION?, Ontario Institute,Toronto
I would like to emphasize that this project is not simply a product of my own efforts, but a culmination of the important contributions of many wonderful individuals. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my thesis supervisor, Dr. Sheryl Nestel, whose kindness and constant support have been indispensable for my sustenance throughout this journey. A huge thanks to my former professor and mentor, Dr. Amar Wahab, whose vision, insight and immense faith in me led me to the doors of OISE and gave me the strength to pursue this passionate project. Thanks to Kristine Pearson, Margaret Brennan, and Dr. George Dei, who with their wise advice on administrative, academic and financial matters helped me navigate through this program with ease. I would also like to thank Professor Sherene Razack and Professor Diane Farmer for making their classes so enjoyable and allowing me to share parts of my thesis with them. My friends and family have been the greatest source of strength during this venture. Special thanks to my beautiful friend, Julita. The deep visions of life and the support we shared have not only made my transition from undergrad to graduate school smooth, but have also strengthened my belief in myself and my work. Thanks to my friend, Adeel for always reminding me the importance of spirituality in one’s life and work, and indeed, that has made this journey much more beautiful. Thanks to my grandmother for taking the trouble of gathering my research data for me, and to my uncle Ahmed Fazlullah and Aunt Dilshad Ara who have always encouraged me to follow my heart. I am eternally grateful to my loving parents, who have provided the most nurturing, caring and comfortable environment for the completion of this project. And last but not least, thank you God, for making this dream come true.
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