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Wernick, Andrew 2001, Auguste Comte and the Religion of Humanity, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS,United Kingdom
My interest in French social theory had its distant origin in a conversation with Jonathan Bordo. Other friends and colleagues at Trent who have helped shape and enrich this interest include John Fekete, John Hillman, Zsuzsa Baross, Constantin Boundas and Peter Kulchyski. Interchanges with Philippa Berry, Phillip Blond, Mike Featherstone, Mike Gane, Gad Horowitz, Arthur Kroker and Heather Jon Maroney have also been of great benefit over the years. I thank Gad Horowitz for his help and encouragement with the manuscript, an earlier version of which was accepted as a doctoral thesis at the University of Toronto. My thanks also to Mike Gane for his valuable comments, the two anonymous reviewers at Cambridge University Press who saved me from many errors, and Jean Gauthier and Heather Jon Maroney for pointing me towards some key references. My intellectual, as well as every other kind of, debt to the latter is incalculable.
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