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Frank, Andre Gunder 1978, WORLD ACCUMULATION, Algora Publishing,New York
of how their works developed, not because their works are important (they may turn out to be unimportant) but because we need to know more of the process of historywriting. Historians today generally recognize, like social scientists, that their scholarship is an activity in which they are themselves participants. Writers of history are not just observers. They are themselves part of the act and need to observe themselves in action. Their view of what “really” happened is JilteredJirst through the spotty and oft en hit-or-miss screens of available evidence, and second through the prisms. of their own interest, selection, and interpretation ofthe evidence they see. The result can only be an imperfect approximation. Fortunately, no one has to regard it as the last word. Once an author looks back at what he thought he was trying to do, many perspectives nemerge. Foremost is that ofignorance, at least in my case. A book that to its author is a mere antechamber to a whole unwritten libra y, bursting with problems awaiting exploration, may seem to his readers to have a solidity which shunts their research elsewhere. It is useless to assure them that the book is really full of holes.
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