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DAVIS, MARY 1993, Comrade or Brother?, PLUTO PRESS,New York
This is the second edition of a book that has been a long time in the making, although the practical possibility of actually writing it is comparatively recent. Why a second edition? Partly because the fi rst one sold out and there have been many requests for it, but also because I wanted to add material and emphases that I thought lacking in the fi rst edition. In addition, the publisher was keen for me to go beyond 1951. I am not a fan of ‘contemporary history’ (surely a contradiction in terms) because, as all trained historians know, state papers, and especially Home Offi ce papers, are very useful primary sources and the 30-year rule is still extant. Of course, these are not the only sources and I don’t rely on them in a work of this kind. However, it is already clear that recently published reputable secondary sources dealing with, for example, post-Second World War governments up to the mid 1970s have benefi ted greatly from a close inspection of cabinet and other state papers such as to encourage a revision of the traditionally accepted consensus view of British politics which was assumed to exist until Margaret Thatcher disrupted it.
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