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Patnai, Prabhat 2009, The Value of Money, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS,New York
EVEN THOUGH THE IDEAS PRESENTED in this book have been with me for a long time and have been presented through my lectures to generations of students at my university, the writing of this book has not been easy. For one thing, it advances two separate though interlinked propositions, one a critique of monetarism from a point of view I christen "propertyist," of which I take Marx and Keynes as the classic examples and that in my view is the superior one, and the other a critique of "propertyism" itself for its incompleteness, for not having made a sufficiently radical break with orthodox economics. Presenting what in effect are two books rolled into one has raised difficulties. When I first started writing the book in 1995, I thought I would just present a set of essays with an introductory chapter that summed up the argument, leaving it to the readers to make the connections. The result turned out to be so reader-unfriendly that I was advised to write the book in a more conventional format and remove the introductory chapter altogether, since stating an argument at the beginning and then developing it at greater length in the course of the book appeared repetitive. When I had done the latter, I was again advised that the core of the argument might get lost because of the two levels of argument in the book and that therefore an introductory chapter stating the entire argument and some of its contemporary implications was in order. This is finally what I have produced-a conventional book with an introductory chapter stating its main themes and their contemporary meaning.
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