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, Nancy A.Naples & Manisha Desai 2002, Women's Activism and Globalization, Routledge,London and New York
THIS COLLECTION IS A RESULT OF COLLABORATION AMONG MANY SCHOLARS INTERested in documenting the diverse ways women in different parts of the world creatively and heroically face the challenges posed by the global economic and political changes associated with “globalization.” We include case studies of community- based, cross-national, regional, and transnational organizing to highlight the multiple sites in which women confront the oppressive features of the global expansion of capitalism and the neoliberal policies that support it. In choosing the chapters, we were primarily interested in identifying cases that demonstrate the intersection of the local, regional, and global dimensions of restructuring and resistance strategies. We take as our starting point the fact that globalization is a result of particular actions taken by identifiable actors, and that it lands in particular places. Rather than view globalization as something that occurs “out there” and that is therefore distant from the everyday lives and activities of particular actors, we seek to demonstrate how global economic and political change are manifest in the daily lives and struggles of women and other members of communities in different parts of the world in ways that are often hidden from view in analyses of globalization that start from the perspective of multinational corporations, transnational organizations, and international political institutions.
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