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An economist with a smattering of divinity who ventures to write a work of history can only hope to succeed if he gets a great deal of help. At every stage of my research for this book I have been dependent upon the generosity of real historians who have pardoned my intrusion upon their turf and have upheld me with their expert knowledge, judgement, criticism and encouragement. Because of the interdisciplinary character of the research I have in addition made heavy demands upon various philosophers, political scientists, theologians, economists and others. And because it has been costly in time and money I have needed the more material support afforded by funding bodies and academic institutions. These acknowledgements are therefore much longer than a book of such modest scope would normally require. They are not intended to implicate my benefactors in the opinions expressed or in any errors committed therein. My first obligation is to the Christendom Trust, which provided a Maurice Reckitt fellowship in Christian social thought at the University of Sussex during the tenure of which I began this study. At a crucial stage I was invited by Istvan Hont to visit the Research Centre at King's College, Cambridge, with financial support from the British Council. In 1986-7 I was elected to a bye-fellowship at Robinson College, Cambridge where I was able to write most of ,the first draft in circumstances of great amenity. To the Warden and Fellows of that congenial society I owe much indeed. At various times I have been supported by research/study leave from the University of Manitoba, and by research grants from that university and from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. I could never have undertaken this project at all but for the willingness of my departmental colleagues to entertain a very liberal notion of what might count as 'economies'.
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