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Woods, Ngaire 2000, The Political Economy of Globalization, St Martin's Press,New York
The idea for this book first emerged when, in my teaching and research into globalization, I became aware of how difficult it was to find texts which combined both a careful analysis of the evidence, and an examination of the political economy of globalization, not just with reference to specific economic issues, but in the broader context of international political and economic relations. It took further form when I was invited to guest-edit a special issue of Oxford Development Studies. Editing the book has given me and the contributors an opportunity to present our assessment of the political economy of globalization in a more wide-ranging but at the same time more integrated way. The result is a text which we hope provides a clear set of concepts for considering globalization and its impact; detailed evidence about the practical impact of globalization such as on foreign investment and on states' capacities to frame their own economic policies; and fresh arguments about the implications of globalization - be it on the role of money in the world economy, or on the emergence of a global civil society.
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