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, RICHARD P. SALLER 1994, Patriarchy, property and death in the Roman family, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS,Australia
This book has taken shape gradually over the past decade, prompted initially by a sense that too little research had been done on the subject of the Roman family. Since the early 1980s a stream of valuable books and articles has appeared, many of them designed to bring the neglected people of the Roman empire, women and children, into the historical narrative. I have only a little to add to those works. Instead, I wish to return to the figure represented by (male) Roman authors as the center of the family and household, the paterfamilias, so familiar in his severe authority. The familiarity has bred neglect or the repetition of stereotypes. There is more to be said about Roman patriarchy, in my view, in order to appreciate the complexities of daily experience in the Roman household and to understand the nuances of paternal authority in Roman ideology.
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