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McKay, Ailsa 2005, The Future of Social Security Policy, Routledge,London and New York
My initial interest in the general area of social security policy materialised in a previous life when I was employed as a welfare rights adviser. I therefore owe a debt of gratitude to both colleagues and users of the service for the contributions they made in developing my awareness of the complexities and inefficiencies of current measures and the need for more informed discussion on future reform proposals. However, my academic pursuit of the CBI proposal would not have been possible without the encouragement of Professor Chris Pierson. This book is based on my Ph.D. thesis and Chris’s supervision throughout the course of researching, writing and presenting my thesis was invaluable. I would also like to thank various colleagues at Glasgow Caledonian University for their continued support over the years. In particular, I extend thanks to Emily Thomson for her ‘sisterhood’ and Gordon Morlan for sharing his technical expertise. I am grateful to family and friends for their encouragement, patience, numerous bottles of wine and good food (often left considerately at the doorstep), over a considerable period of time. I am particularly grateful to Morag and Jim for their sustained efforts in thinking, reading and talking about it all. However, I would like to dedicate a special thanks to Annie Cameron, who never really understood why and how but was proud of me nonetheless. I only wish she had stayed around long enough to witness a final outcome. Finally my thoughts are with Rory and Annie. A big thanks to both of you for ‘being there’ and ‘not being there’ when appropriate, and of course to Jim for his role in making that happen. This book is dedicated to them.
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