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Ertuna, Ibrahim Ozer 2009, Wealth, Welfare and the Global Free Market, Gower Publishing Limited,England
In our day, as science gains importance and becomes a leading force, economics, which is one of the fields of science, is fast losing its scientific nature. Today, capitalism, converting itself to a faith system, has become a contemporary religion. In this new religion, money has become the God, and stock exchanges are temples of worship. Capitalism, with its dogmas, rules of conduct and its prophets, has developed into a complete religion. As in the case of previous religions, the God of this religion is also a jealous god. It considers respecting a rival god to be the greatest sin of all. Everything must be for the sake of money, for profit. Destroying the environment, blocking the implementation of environmental control measures, endangering human health, and increasing hunger are all approved for the sake of profit. This religion has developed since the eighteenth century. Starting with Adam Smith, it has had a number of prophets, and vast ranks of clergymen. This religion attained its most significant growth in the twentieth century, when the realities were very different from the assumptions of its founding fathers; as economies were being dominated by monopolies, and as the international companies were solidifying their hegemony. In fact, the inconsistency between reality and the a assumptions capitalism rested upon helped the system to diverge from its scientific foundations and to evolve as a religion.
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